How To Shop LA Mart

Who can shop at L.A. Mart?

A. The L.A. Mart is open to the TRADE ONLY- Retailers and Interior Designers. If you cannot provide the proper credentials (see Registration for details), you will be charged a $20 guest fee and MUST be accompanied by a qualified buyer. Qualified buyers may be accompanied by a maximum of two guests. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed.

Please Note: Clients accompanied by credentialed interior designers do not pay a guest fee.

How do I register?

A. Simply present all your business credentials and a photo ID onsite in Admissions. Click here for a complete list of required credentials.

Where do I register?

A. Registration is located in the Main Lobby of the L.A. Mart.

Where can I get a list of showrooms and products represented at L.A. Mart?

A. Visit the L.A. Mart and pick up the Official Building Directory in the Main Lobby. The Official Building Directory has floor plans, showroom contact numbers and line information. The Product Category Index is a useful tool to help you find what your customers crave. Click here to view the electronic version of the Official Building Directory.

How can I become a permanent showroom?

A. Click here for more information on a permanent showroom at L.A. Mart.